Energy Standard glass

Keep your home warm and comfortable

Keeping your home warm can be challenging when energy prices are rising. Choosing windows with Planitherm Energy Standard glass can help to combat this.

The special crystal clear, microscopic coating on the inner pane of our glass allows more light and heat into the room, capturing the warmth from natural daylight. It also stops 56% more internal heat escaping than older-style double glazing*.

With energy prices rising, it will cost you less to keep your home warm.

*Compared with a 4mm/16mm cavity/4mm (uncoated) Double Glazed Unit filled with air.

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Here's how Energy Standard compares with other options in the Planitherm range:


Comfort Feature

Energy Standard


Comfort Plus

Features of Energy Standard

ENERGY EFFICIENCY - With Planitherm, energy efficiency comes as standard.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY - With Planitherm, energy efficiency comes as standard.

A special coating on our glass helps stop heat escaping, so you’ll use less energy to keep your home warm. Our Energy Standard and Comfort glazing captures and makes use of the warmth from natural daylight, while Comfort Plus helps limit and control it – ideal for very sunny rooms.

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  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Can help lower energy bills

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