Folding and sliding doors

The glass you choose can make all the difference in large glazed areas.

There's nothing quite like relaxing at home in a bright room with lots of glazing – like those with bi-fold or patio doors installed. But the glass you use in these doors can make a big difference to how comfortable the room feels.

If you already have or are planning such an area, installing Planitherm glass can ensure the perfect balance of light, warmth, comfort and security. So make sure you ask your installer.

Cooler in summer, warmer in winter

Planitherm Comfort Plus glass is perfect for large glazed areas, including use in bi-fold and sliding door types, as well as any South and West facing rooms with sunny aspects.

A special invisible coating blocks out 50% of external heat from the sun, so these parts of your home don't get too hot.

It does this while keeping in 63%* more internal heat – meaning your home will stay cooler in hot weather and warmer in winter.

Stronger, quieter, safer

Transparent, laminated layers in Planitherm Comfort Plus glass also create a strong barrier to protect against breakage and keep your home secure while reducing outside noise.

These layers also block out 99%** of UV rays, meaning you can protect your favourite furniture and curtains from sun damage even in the brightest parts of your home. 

*Compared with a 4mm/16mm cavity/4mm (uncoated) Double Glazed Unit filled with air.

**Calculated from UV transmittance in accordance with EN 410.

Find an Installer

Find an Installer

Planitherm glass is available though our approved network of certified installers - we don't sell or install it ourselves.

To find your nearest installers, or search for a specific one, use the search tool below.

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